Keepass kdb Support – Does Keepass Support kdb Files on Ubuntu 16.04?


Is there a way to open a kdb file on ubuntu 16.04 without having to convert it to kdbx? I want to keep using kdb because that is the only format i can open on a windows computer that i have no admin access to install something else compatible with kdbx

Best Answer

I ended up installing an older version of KeePassX from this URL:

Package Page:

Direct Download Link: (it is for Trusty, but works well in Xenial)

The newer version (2.X) dropped support for kdb files.

The following command will pin the package to the older version so that it doesn't get updated when you do apt-get upgrade:

# hold package, so that it doesn't get upgraded
echo "keepassx hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections

# for posterity, same as above
apt-mark hold keepassx

# since aptitude doesn't respect the above
aptitude hold keepassx
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