Ubuntu – Joystick acts as mouse; won’t stop


Joystick acts as a mouse, even when I'm playing a game that uses a joystick so I get random mouse events going on.

I plugged a joystick in to play Spiral Knights, also installed joystick and jcalibrate. Everything is working good, except by default the joystick moves the mouse around and the button activate mouse keys.

Now normally this would be good behavior if I'm on a Myth-box or something, unfortunately when I play Spiral Knights with joystick input I see my mouse cursor moving in the back ground and when I hit a button it thinks I'm pressing right-click so it minimizes everything. Also it creates folders and probably deletes stuff.

So, basically how the heck do I stop it from acting as a mouse?

Best Answer

Uninstall xserver-xorg-input-joystick.

It's a package to control the mouse with the joystick. I only installed once to test it and it was driving me mad, so maybe that's the problem. I think the joystick would work the same without it.

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