Java Application Launcher Not Staying in Unity Launcher – How to Fix


I'm using IntelliJ IDEA, which is a Java application. When it runs (invoked through Dash) it shows a launcher icon with no name. I've tried several times to right-click and select "keep in launcher", but no success – each time I close it the launcher icon disappears. I tried to use MyUnity to fix this, but it also fails. I don't mind hacking this manually, but I don't know where the launcher configs are stored or what to do.

The relevant desktop file is shown below, and it works with the dash perfectly.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=IntelliJ IDEA
Comment=IntelliJ Integrated Development Environment

Best Answer

This is a problem in all JetBrain IDEs. In PyCharm (the one that I use) it's solved in the 2.0 version. It's likely solved in the corresponding IntelliJ version (likely 11, but I'm not sure).

You will need to go into the Tools Menu and select Create Desktop Entry. It will create a correct Desktop file in the correct place, so it will be added to your DE menu (including Unity Dash). Afterward you can initiate it from the menu and pin the icon or drag and drop it to the bar.

Note that the menu names are those in PyCharm as I don't use IntelliJ, but they are likely the same.

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