Ubuntu – Issues with dual boot (Ubuntu + Windows), UEFI and SSD


It seems many people have problems with this but I didnt see my case in specific.

I have a laptop with SSD+HDD. The SSD has 2 partitions, 1st partition has Windows 10 (that boots in UEFI mode only), second partition is empty, which I want to install Ubuntu.

Im using YUMI to boot into Ubuntu and here madness starts:

  • If I boot in UEFI, Ubuntu live doesnt find the SSD. sudo fdsik -l shows only sda (my HDD) and sdb (my USB stick), its the same for cfdisk, df, parted, etc. Plus, in /dev there is only sda and sdb. Because of this I cant install Ubuntu in my SSD.

  • If I boot in legacy, Ubuntu live finds my SSD. sda(HDD), sdb(usb stick) and nvme0n1(my SSD). But then when I try to install Ubuntu side by side with Windows it doesnt identify Windows as a current OS, presumably because Windows was first installed in UEFI and now in legacy I cant boot in it?

Well, so 1) Why doesnt Ubuntu recognize my SSD in UEFI? 2) If I can only do it in Legacy, should I reinstall Windows in Legacy (I really wanted to avoid this)? 3) What is the best option here?

PS. The ubuntu I downloaded is 16.04.1

So here goes more information about my system.

  • System: Alienware 17 R3
  • BIOS Version: 1.3.6
  • SSD info: PM951 NVMe SAMSUNG 256GB
  • SATA Operation: RAID (the other not-selected option is AHCI).

Boot-Repair report is in: http://pastebin.com/HSzTZfSz

I changed the SATA operation from RAID to AHCI to test and, sure enough, Windows 10 doesnt boot anymore, but weirdly enough, Ubuntu live now recognizes my SSD, and even more weird, it identifies Windows as a current SO and will allow me to install alongside it. So:

  • 1) I understand that if I want my drives to work in any flavor of RAID (0,1,5) I will need to leave as RAID, which is not my case, at least for now.

  • 2) I would be ok with AHCI I think but how do I make Windows boot without reinstalling it? If I install Ubuntu alongside Windows, will it fix the bootloader? Do I have to run Repair-boot tool?

  • 3) What is really going on here? Doesnt Ubuntu have RAID drives for my laptop? Any ideas?

Best Answer

Change the SATA settings in the UEFI setup utility from RAID mode to AHCI mode, and use UEFI for both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 which are installed alongside each other as a dual boot, but in Windows you have to first install AHCI drivers. Windows AHCI instructions: https://askubuntu.com/a/963100/ & https://askubuntu.com/a/1148150/.

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