Ubuntu – Why is there no 32 bit ISO for the new Ubuntu 18.04


Why is there no 32 bit ISO for the new Ubuntu 18.04?

Best Answer

There are 32 bit ISO from the new 18.04 LTS distro, but not standard Ubuntu. The community flavours have uploaded 32 bit iso files, and some of them are particularly suitable for old 32 bit computers, because they have light desktop environments,

  • Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Xubuntu

You can find them via the following link. Look for 'i386' in the name of the iso file.


You can use the Ubuntu mini.iso files in order to install Ubuntu in BIOS mode (but not in UEFI mode), and there is a 32-bit version with 'i386' in the name of the mini.iso file. See this link,


So it is possible to install standard Ubuntu in a 32-bit computer, but in most cases it is better to use a community flavour of Ubuntu with a lighter desktop environment, because standard Ubuntu 'wants' more powerful hardware for graphics that what is common in most 32-bit computers.

However, there may be cases, when you want to run a 32-bit operating system in a 64-bit computer, for example if you have some application software, that only works with a 32-bit system, or because a 32-bit system uses less RAM for the same task compared to a 64-bit system.