Ubuntu – Is there “force” to be online


When I boot after plugged off the internet-network-cable – then booting hangs itself up at
"configuring network" – that was not the case with Kernel 3.2 ?

I just noticed that this happens with Kernel 3.9 and with 3.10 when booting offline ?

In /etc/network/interfaces the entries look just normal – I think so ? :

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0

iface eth0 inet dhcp

Next to dhcp lines in syslog there is output of apparmor (of actually working kernel with internet-connection) … is this then an issue about apparmor ?!

Best Answer

Your network configuration specifies an eth0 interface to be configured via DHCP. Thus, the startup scripts will "hang" (not really, they start the process, wait a while and then timeout, but they do stop the rest of the boot process) while the network is brought up to what you specified in this file.

If this is a desktop Ubuntu installation, you can remove the two eth0 lines. The interface will not be managed by the startup scripts, but by NetworkManager which starts later in the boot process and will not hold things up. This means that things should still work correctly when you have the cable plugged in with NetworkManager configuring the interface via DHCP.

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