Ubuntu – ny web browser with NPAPI plugins support


As per this article, Mozilla has dropped the support of NPAPI plugins from Mozilla Firefox version 52. Is there any web browser with NPAPI plugin support? I have to use a website frequently, which uses Oracle Java plugin. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit with Java JDK 8u121.

Helps are much appreciated. Thanks.

Edit1: After 3 years of asking this question, Java plugin still works fine in Palemoon v28.9.2-1 64 bit on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Java version is JRE 8u251 64 bit

Edit2: As of 20th October 2020, Oracle completely removed Java Plugin from 8u271 JRE and JDK packages mentioned in this article. But 8u261 or prior versions works just fine.

Best Answer

The Pale Moon web browser is an interesting option. In the document Pale Moon future roadmap they make this statement:

"Pale Moon supports NPAPI plug-ins. Unlike Firefox, we will not be deprecating or removing support for these kinds of plug-ins. This means that you will be able to continue using your media, authentication, and other plug-ins in Pale Moon like Flash, Silverlight, bank-authenticators or networking plug-ins for specific purposes."