Ubuntu – Is there any way to use ubuntu to convert an ISO to DMG


I have an intel Imac (early 2006). I recently decided to install ubuntu on it as the sole OS as it was running 10.4.11 and was unable to meet my current needs. The optical drive on it is broken, so I downloaded the ubuntu iso, converted it to a DMG and created a bootable flash drive. Everything seemed to be going great. I used gparted to wipe the hard drive and than began running the installer from the live enviro. That's when things took a turn for the worst.. Half way through the installer crashed. I attempted it a few more times, but it eventually just froze solid. I asked around what to do and was told to just reboot and try again. Now it is not seeing the flash drive, and there is no OS to boot to, so I'm just getting the ol' grey screen with a flashing question mark..

I bought a new 500gig external that I can format for a mac.. I'd like to try and install ubuntu on it and see if I can maybe boot the mac off it to try and fix and finish the install..

I mainly want to know how to convert an iso to a dmg using my other ubuntu machine, but failing that, I'm open to any suggestion.

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You can just rename this How to create an .img file from .iso on Ubuntu?

You will not have support for 10.04 however, you may want to install a lighter version (but newer) for older computer.

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