Ubuntu – ny way to make snap installed apps look more native


Snaps seem like a great idea in theory, but in my experience in practice they look like something hacked into the desktop.

I have been unable to get them to use my system cursors and when clicking on the indicator the menu looks more like something run with WINE than anything even remotely native. (not sure anymore, but I think they also look out of place in the gtk themes as well)

I have tried two snaps and both are the same: Discord and Libreoffice

While I could deal with the hackey looking menus, the jarring transition of the cursors is too ugly to overcome.

So to my question- Is there any way to make snaps look more native to my desktop?

More possibly pertinent info:

I am running Ubuntu 17.10, but I am using vanilla-gnome-desktop for my DE.
I am using the default Adwaita gtk theme.
I am using custom cursors installed in my home folder in .icons folder and enabled via gnome-tweak-tool

Best Answer

You can monitor this link: Use the system gtk theme and the latest, as of now, is this which has a lot of specific links.

With these latter pieces landing, themes will be unblocked. The very first version of the feature will leverage a single snap containing a number of common themes which can be used as the default-provider in content interfaces in client applications. This is easy to do and will get us good looking applications in the short term.

Later we’ll then introduce improvements that will allow finding and installing snaps providing arbitrary themes that match the local environment needs. We have initial ideas here but the details still need to be designed.

So, work is in progress and the intention to make snaps appear "more integrated" is there.

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