Ubuntu – ny way to make a hotkey turn the screen off


How can I make a script (or make some changes) to allow me to turn the screen off in Ubuntu (12.04) whenever I want, the way thevscreen can be turned off in Cellphones?

And how can I make a combination of keys (a shortcut) to execute that script?

I want to conserve power.

I've seen this question

Turning Monitor Off With an Icon but there is no hotkey for it.

Moreover, in the answer, it is said that there are many ways to accomplish this so I'd like to know more.

Best Answer

If I understood well your question, you could use this commmand

xset dpms force off

In your settings, go to keyboard, shortcut, click on plus, write the name you want and past the command I just wrote, click on the new short cut and use the combination or key you want to use

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