PDF Forms – Useful Software for Filling Out PDF Forms Other Than Adobe Reader


I have some pdfs that allow me to fill out forms and which also have a print button which is invisible on the printed output. At the moment I have to use Adobe Reader for this, but I'd prefer not to.

I tried Foxit Reader, but with it I can't even fill out the forms. With the standard pdf reader of Ubuntu 10.10 I can fill out the forms, but can't use the print button and when I try to print the document from the menu, the print button shows up in the printed copy, which is useless.

Are there any other pdf-readers which would allow me to fill out forms and use the button in the pdf to print, which would also keep the button invisible in the printed output?

Best Answer

Evince Document Viewer (Installed by Default)

enter image description here

Here is a screenshot of an editable PDF file being filled in my desktop for you to see Evince Document Viewer in action.

enter image description here

Like this, there should be some other good PDF readers that will allow you to perform this task, but this is working for me and it is really lightweight.

Good luck!