Ubuntu – Is there any Ubuntu 16.04 derivative which support by default proprietary AMD graphics driver


Generally speaking, I like an idea of using Open Source drivers, not only for AMD graphics.

However, I'm unable to run application which requires OpenGl 4. fglrx is deprecated for Ubuntu 16.04, so I am unable to install it through an apt install in.

Is there any derivative of the latest LTS edition of Ubuntu which supports by default AMD proprietary drivers?

Best Answer

No. It's because fglrx doesn't support Xorg 1.18, which is what comes with Ubuntu 16.04 (thanks Wilf). AMD isn't planning on upgrading it to work, and Canonical doesn't want to have to maintain a driver for the next five years by itself.

If you have a supported card, try the AMD GPU-PRO driver beta.

Otherwise, you have to downgrade to 15.10 or settle for open source drivers.