Ubuntu – Is there any software for bypassing the firewall


I am using ubuntu 10.04. Is there any software to bypass the firewall configured by my network administrator. I have seen my friend using software named ultrasurf in windows which bypasses the firewll, masks it's IP, can able to surf anonymously etc …Is there any equivalent software available in ubuntu?

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First, your best bet is to approach the school administration and explain your position. Your desire to view videos on YouTube relevant to your studies is a good thing. Downloading Ubuntu ISOs might be made simpler if a copy is cached locally, only the university admins could do something like that. You don't know if you don't ask.

A 'quick and dirty' solution is to set up SSH tunneling to a proxy server, there are paid and free options. This isn't really an Ubuntu question though. Maybe you could re-post another question about setting up SSH tunnels in Ubuntu? That would be welcome here. From there, you are on your own selecting a proxy, there are too many to cover here. Your question may get closed as off-topic but don't get discouraged by that. This is a community site and everything is shaped by various members of the community. Just stay on-topic to Ubuntu and read the FAQs on questions.

Don't ever be afraid to ask questions here and at school.

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