Ubuntu – weather indicator?


I recently replaced the indicators in the gnome panel with the Indicator Applet Complete, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

alt text

However I really miss the weather which used to be displayed with the date gnome applet. I tried searching for an alternative weather indicator and found one here. However its ppa is empty and no longer works.

Is there any other alternative? I prefer it being an indicator rather than a ordinary gnome applet as I already know that there is one that can be added to the gnome panel (screenshot below for more info)

alt text

Best Answer

There is

indicator-weather Install indicator-weather

After installing, you can start the indicator by running indicator-weather. Keep an eye on their project page for updates!

To make the indicator start automatically:

  • Go to System → Preferences → Startup Applications (Or Applications → Startup Applications if you're on Unity)
  • Click Add and select indicator-weather as the command.

To quit it, run killall indicator-weather in a Terminal. (Check if it doesn't start automatically after installing from the PPA below, I'm not sure)

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