Ubuntu – way to enable “beats audio” from within Linux


I got HP Pavilion dv6 7010ej, using beats audio, how can i enable full audio model support on it (including subwoofer etc.)?

Sound Card:
lspci says:
Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04).
Windows says: "IDT HD Audio".

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See my post on Reddit here:


The model=ref method doesn't work quite right, at least not on my laptop. You have to remap some HD audio ports that appear disconnected and then all the speakers work. There's a convenient little tool out there that does just that. I also got it working under Debian and it works without breaking headphones too.

Step 1: Install hda-jack-retask from here: https://launchpad.net/~diwic/+archive/hda (ppa:diwic/hda)

Step 2: Open hda-jack-retask

Step 3: Select the IDT 92HD91BXX codec (may be different on other models)

Step 4: Check the "Show unconnected pins" box (the internal speakers do not show as connected)

Step 5: Remap 0x0d (Internal Speaker, Front side) to "Internal speaker"

Step 6: Remap 0x0f ("Not connected" but is the under-display speakers) to "Internal speaker"

Step 7: Remap 0x10 ("Not connected" but is the subwoofer) to "Internal speaker (LFE)"

Step 8: Apply now, then test with your favorite audio program (some may not work due to Pulse reset, so find one that does, verify sound is coming from all speakers).

Step 9: If it works, select "Install boot override" to save the settings to apply at boot time.

Step 10: Reboot. When it comes back, you should have full sound from all speakers. Also test headphones. Plugging in headphones should disable sound from all internal speakers.

From Ubuntu 13.10, hda-jack-retask is part of alsa-tools. Just install the alsa-tools-gui package from the regular archive and start "hdajackretask".

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