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I was using Windows 7 and decided to replace it with Ubuntu 12.04, but I couldn't find any program with similar functionality to Volume Mixer in windows 7:

volume mixer in windows 7

if there is any program or a way you know to do so, I would really appreciate knowing about it.

Best Answer

There is Sound Settings which will allow you to change all sound options much like Windows.

Sound Selection

You can adjust the slider to change volume,mute the output, control media playback etc. Once you choose sound Settings you can adjust all preferences by selecting a tab.

All settings

If you want to have the functionality of the Windows sound menu control you will need to install Alsamixer from the software centre which as it's description says;

GNOME Alsa Mixer

A 'volume control' application. You can use it to adjust the volume of different sound sources of your sound card. It has a nice graphical user interface and a lot of features:

  • Access to all of your computers sound card and audio sources
  • Possibility to give them custom names
  • Only display the mixer controls you need
  • Access to all the extra features some sound cards offer, like 3D enhancement, microphone gain, boost etc.
  • And more....

The application uses the ALSA sound API which is installed by default.

ALSA Mixer

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