Ubuntu – Visual Studio style tool/IDE?


I have been developing in the windows space with Visual Studio for a while now with work, but I have also been using Ubuntu for a while and am keen to get into some software development for linux.

I should also note. I am not looking for .NET and I am aware of mono. I am also familiar with c++ development and some python, so the language isn't so much relevant as the "all in one" aspect.

I was interested to know if there is a useful all in one code/debug/design(gui) IDE similar to something like Visual Studio but for linux?

Best Answer

I don't have much experience with it myself (I personally like to work in gedit), but for the sake of completeness we really should mention Anjuta Install anjuta. It is part of the GNOME project, and includes many of the features you are interested in.

  • Focus on C/C++, but extensible with plugins. Some support for Python and Vala.

  • Integrated Glade user interface designer.

  • Version control integration with at least Git, CVS, and Subversion.

  • Project management and autotools support.

  • Integrated debugger including breakpoints, ect... Backed by gdb.

  • GTK+/GNOME Devhelp API help browser integration.

  • Valgrind plugin to profile programs for memory leaks.