Software Recommendation Performance – Tool to Measure Speed of PC/Laptop


In Windows 7 there is a tool that calculates some kind of index of your machine: the performance index. I am not sure how it is done, but it is nice to know, to be able to compare machines.

Does anybody know of anything similar for ubuntu?

Best Answer

Phoronix Test Suite is a complete benchmark facility that works on any Linux distribution, Windows and MacOSX systems.

Here are its features:

  • 130+ Test Profiles 60+ Test Suites
  • Extensible Testing Architecture
  • Optional Linux-based LiveDVD/USB
  • Testing Distribution (PTS Desktop Live) Automated Test Installation
  • Dependency Management Support
  • Module-based Plug-In Architecture
  • PNG, JPG, GIF, Adobe SWF, SVG Graph
  • Rendering Support Automated Batch
  • Mode Support Global Database For Result Uploads, Benchmark Comparisons
  • Detailed Software, Hardware Detection
  • System Monitoring Support GTK2
  • Graphical User Interface + Command-Line Interface Runs On Linux, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, Windows 7, & BSD Operating Systems

You can download it from:

Some screenshots:

alt text alt text alt text

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