Ubuntu – Why is the Ubuntu 10.10 CD not booting


I have downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 and burned the ISO but it will not boot.

  • I discarded problems with the ISO, as I've downloaded from the official website with no errors, and burned it with no errors.

  • I discarded problems with the burning, as looks like it was recorded with no errors here and later in another computer.

  • I discarded problems with my DVD reader as other cds boots fine.

I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.10, I know I can upgrade via internet, but I have this same problem with my Windows XP cd, so I really would like to discover what's going on here.. My Ubuntu 9.10 cd boots just right, but the new one not.

What else can be? Or what more precise tests can I make to discover where's the problem?

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What happens when I try to boot with the Ubuntu 10.10 cd is that it behaves like there's no bootable cd in the drive. It just don't find the boot on the cd, and start the HD system.

My notebook is an Amazon PC Intel Celeron 1.5 with 2Gb memory, a DVD-RW driver, HD samsung with 260GB.


If you put the media agains the light and see the other side, does that means that it's a bad quality dvd media? (it's a Philips)

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If you boot your computer with... anything bootable, and then you insert the 10.10 CD you burned, is it recognized and mounted (i.e. is it readable)?

If not, and you have an Ubuntu distro running, you can test with wodim -atip and wodim -toc (they are in Ubuntu package wodim, the old cdrecord) whether the CD media is recognized as writable and if there are tracks.

If it is recognized, there is another package that can help you, cdck: it can tell you what's the content of that CD and if it's bootable. E.g. with a Knoppix CD that I burned myself I get:

Try to find out what sort of CD this is...
CD-ROM with iso9660 fs
iso9660: 688 MB size, label 'KNOPPIX'
Creating software: 'KNOPPIX'
bootable CD  

This won't probably answer to your question 'why', but it should help you track where is the cause of the problem.

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