Ubuntu – Is the Openstack Cloud Installer broken?


I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and am up to date. When I follow the instructions here for a single machine installation:

Openstack Single Installer Guide

Here is the sequence:

  • Add the PPA repo apt-add-repository ppa:cloud-installer/stable
  • Update the local package indexes apt-get update
  • Install the Openstack Installer apt-get install -y openstack

Incredibly (possibly part of the problem…) after only 308MB of package and component downloads this completes successfully. Unfortunately the next step fails:

ubuntu@xenial-64-base:~$ openstack-install
The program 'openstack-install' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt install openstack

The suggestion to apt install openstack shows that it is already installed, and the latest version. I can't tell for sure if this is a problem with the repo, the installer, or with the current Xenial updates having issues with something older in the ppa. I am left with an openstack executable which takes me to a prompt but the openstack-install exec seems to be missing:

ubuntu@xenial-64-base:~$ openstack
(openstack) install

This is the definition of optimism…

openstack: 'install' is not an openstack command. See 'openstack --help'.
Did you mean one of these?
catalog list
catalog show
console log show
console url show
(openstack) catalog list
Missing parameter(s):
Set a username with --os-username, OS_USERNAME, or auth.username
Set an authentication URL, with --os-auth-url, OS_AUTH_URL or auth.auth_url
Set a scope, such as a project or domain, set a project scope with --os-project-name, OS_PROJECT_NAME or auth.project_name, set a domain scope with --os-domain-name, OS_DOMAIN_NAME or auth.domain_name

Since it is complaining about not having an RC file we have the python clients installed but without a working installer nothing is configured.

According to Launchpad there have not been any commits since the release 7 weeks ago:

Ubuntu Openstack Installer

I can try manually performing the steps that openstack-install if I can figure out what they are. Openstack Autopilot is not an option since I don't have the hardware prerequisites sitting around, and ultimately the intent of this is to provide a single image for integrating Openstack test suites (Rally, Tempest, Browbeat, Mythos) for deployment to multiple Openstack deployments around the globe and a tiny footprint is required to make it attractive.

Is anyone else aware of this issue and has anyone found a workaround?

Best Answer

Here is the workaround from gangstaluv:

sudo apt install conjure-up conjure-up openstack

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