Ubuntu – Is the installation frozen


I have an Asus F556U series, 8G of RAM, and trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 from USB when I get to the part where it shows the image, the installation freezes.
I've been half an hour now and continue as you see the image.
Is there anything special I need to do to install Ubuntu on Asus?
Thank you

enter image description here

Best Answer

I have managed to overcome all the problems that my Asus F556U offered me to install Ubuntu 18.04 and it was thanks to @oldfred which showed me the idea of updating the BIOS, and it shows in another question I did: How to install Ubuntu on ASUS F556U, JournalError error? Seeing other examples and modifying GRUP, changing quiet spla\sh by pci=nomsi I managed not to freeze the installation and could complete it. I hope you can help other users

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