Ubuntu – Is the 64-Bit version of Ubuntu only compatible with AMD CPUs


I was told that computers with more than 2 gig's memory need a 64 bit operating system to utilize all RAM.

Is the 64bit Ubuntu download really JUST for AMD processors? I am asking because the disk image I downloaded says AMD64.

So will my new Intel 2.3Ghz Core i3 Dual Core processor work with 64 bit Ubuntu?

It runs the 64bit version of Windows without any qualm.

Best Answer

There is a slight misunderstanding here. AMD64 refers to the architecture of the processor. As AMD's X86-64 extension prevailed in the "64-Bit format war", it is named after them; just like people used to call all PCs IBM-PC-compatible.

The gist of the matter is: You can install AMD64 software on both AMD and Intel processors, as long as they support that type of architecture (Don't worry, almost all processors released in the last 5 years do). So just go ahead and install Ubuntu using the 64 bit iso.

Finally, if your CPU has PAE enabled, you can access more than the limited "4G" of RAM using 32-bit processors.

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