Ubuntu – Why is plymouthd crashing on startup


Every time my laptop boots, I am greeted by several "Ubuntu 13.10 has experienced an internal error" dialogs once the graphical desktop environment (whatever it's called) is displayed. Apparently the problem originates from plymouthd, which is (unsurprisingly) the daemon of the Plymouth boot splash application.

Has anyone ever found a fix for this type of issue?

(I would provide log excerpts but I'm not sure where to find them.)

Best Answer

I have experienced the same error when I first installed Ubuntu 13.10 on the toshiba harman/kardon this week.

I solved the error with a single command:
Open a Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type:

sudo chown -R $USER: /lib/plymouth

Then all the permission issues are solved and the error is gone in the next boot.

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