Ubuntu – Is NTFS-3G safe for writing


These days, I have to use the NTFS-3G driver to write to an NTFS drive (which will later be used in Windows). But I still remember the olde times of Linux ntfs driver which clearly said in the docs: 'If you write to an ntfs volume, run our special program afterwards which will clean up the damage done.'

So, I read through the man, the docs, the Tuxera site and Askubuntu and found no discussion of the write-safety of NTFS-3G. The only thing that was mentioned somewhere is that the driver doesn't support the NTFS journal.

So, the question is, can I use NTFS-3G and be sure that I will later read what I have written to the files? Won't, for example, Windows find the journal entries missing and 'clean up' the data according to its own faulty understanding?

Best Answer

I've been using ntfs-3g since I started using Ubuntu when it was 9.04. I havent yet run into any issues with read/writeability using the ntfs-3g driver. You should be fine with using the ntfs-3g drivers.

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