Ubuntu – Is it possible to “upgrade” from a 32bit to a 64bit installation


As per title, I wish to know if I can, after a successful 32bit setup and consequent software installations, update to a 64bit version.

I know how to partition (actually one of the solutions is to set /, /etc, /home, /var/www, and /opt as separate partitions) and I know that a clean install is way better than a dirty one, yet I would like to know if/how it's possible to do that.

Best Answer

You will find a clean install a lot less hassle than any other unusual, obscure, unsupported method.

Your suggest of partitioning the config files, home directories, etc is probably the best idea, and it is possible to install the same packages on a clean install as on another install.

On the other hand, what you requested is possible, there is a little guide for Debian based systems but remember "this really is for professional-level sysadmins" and "this procedure is, in every possible respect, a bad idea. If it eats your firstborn, please don't come crying to me"... (so good luck)

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