Ubuntu – Is it possible to set Totem as frontend for Xine

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The Wikipedia article for Totem player says that "until version 2.27.1, it could alternatively be configured to use the Xine libraries instead of GStreamer".

I like Xine very much, but not its available GUIs (xine-ui, gxine, kaffeine are so awkward that I still prefer to stick with VLC, SMPlayer, Totem or Gnome Player).

Is it a way to make one of the most used "players" – especially Totem, maybe, but the present version 3.4 might not allow it – be used as a fronted for the Xine engine (xine-lib)?

(Also, is there a new GUI for Xine that I have not mentioned? The others listed here are abandoned.)

Best Answer

Totem can no longer be used as a front-end for Xine, and going forward will probably be even more tightly tied to Gstreamer.

Xine is not as popular as it once was (in fact, it's pretty much dead), so finding a "modern" GUI for Xine is essentially impossible, unless someone writes a new one. I would suggest sticking with VLC, or Gnome-Mplayer.

Unfortunately your options, though varied, will not offer much of anything new and exciting, so to speak.

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