Ubuntu – Is it possible to restart only the dash and panel with launchers without restarting unity


I know there is `unity-panel-service', which is used for restarting the panel. But it is possible restart the "Dash/Launchers" section without restarting the whole unity plugin?

I have used for my gftp Quicklist, the way with unity --replace &, but this is not the best way. If you have Quicklist with possibility to generate menu items dynamically, it would be nice to have possibility restart only the whole Launcher.

I have try also,to get the favorites list with gsettings , change it and roll it back, but without awaited result.

For now only the unity --replace is the working solution or not ?

Best Answer

I don't think this is possible.

However, if you made a script use libunity you can have a real dynamic quicklist instead of generating a new static one on demand. Check out the Opera one for an example.