Ubuntu – Is it possible to install Ubuntu in Tablets & Smartphones


I have heard some devices come with Ubuntu installed but is it possible to install it on Tablets and Smartphones that do not have Ubuntu preinstalled.

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From there:

ARM Processor

ARM is a processor architecture used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Handheld Computers (Nokia n900, n95, etc.)
  • Network Devices (Genesi Efika MX Nettop, Wyse T50, CompuLab TrimSlice, etc.)
  • Project development boards (Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Quickstart, etc.) Subnotebooks (Sharp Netwalker, etc.)
  • Netbook/Notebooks (Genesi Efika MX Smartbook, Toshiba AC100, etc.)
  • Ubuntu targets the ARMv7 and above Application Processor family (Cortex A8, A9 and above). Currently the archive supports ARM EABI, with an expectation of minimum compliance with the ARMv7+VFP ISA. Where possible Ubuntu targets the Thumb2 instruction set.

Limited support for earlier instruction sets (ARMv5t, ARMv6) was available in early releases of the ARM port (jaunty, karmic).


  • Much of the application porting is complete
  • Installation images are available for selected boards
  • kernels for a variety of sub-architectures are available
  • Much of SMP validation complete
  • Continued porting and optimization is underway

Current Images


  • OMAP: Texas Instruments OMAP
  • Tegra (AC100): Thosiba AC100 Nvidia Tegra 2
  • IMX53 QuickStart: Freescale IMX53 QuickStart Board
  • Server images (for OMAP3/4 so far) ARM/ServerInstall

There's more at their FAQ too, which you can check there too.

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