How to Auto-Mount SSHFS


Is it possible to auto-mount a remote FS using sshfs upon instantiating a proper VPN connection?

Allow me to explain the scenario, I'm working remotely, to do that it helps if I can mount my home dir from a server in the office. To do that I need to vpn in. So within network manager I select the relevant VPN and connect. It connects but now I have to drop to the command line and mount my home dir on several machines.

If I forget to do one machine my local dev environment isn't as efficient. I suppose I could write a quick bash script to do this but I'd rather get it running automatically when I connect.

Best Answer

Find the UUID of your connection using

$ nmcli con

Note that this lists not just physical connections but also the Wireless connections defined (SSIDs).

Put some simple script like this in your /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/ directory:


# Specify your connection UUID you like to trigger on below.

    # do your scripting you need to do here:
    mount -t sshfs ...

Don't forget to set the right permissions to make it excutable (i.e. chmod +x It can be any type of script, a Bash script is probably sufficient for your purpose.

NetworkManager just executes all the scripts in this directory providing some environment variables you can use for scripting. In this case you probably just need CONNECTION_UUID.

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