Ubuntu – Is it possible (aka safe) to resize a partition while the system is running


I'm talking about resizing my root partition (/), while the system is on (I know that's usually impossible, but I'm just hoping there is some way to do it). I want to know if there is some way I can boot the system up in read-only mode (without a live cd, just in case), and resize /.

If it can't work, I understand, as that is what I already know to be the case (but you never know =P)

Best Answer

Some filesystems support "on-line" resizing, and in that case I would consider it reasonably safe unless the manpage/program warns it is not.

Most filesystems that support "on-line resize" only support making it larger (e.g. XFS, ext2/3/4, reiserfs).

Btrfs supports on-line growing and shrinking, but of course it's not as stable as a long-existing filesystem like XFS or ext4 yet.

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