Ubuntu – Why is Google Chrome displaying artifacts in YouTube?


Since installing 12.10, Chrome has been displaying bizarre colored artifacts over youtube videos, I can still watch the videos, but it's more than a little irritating.

I've installed Chromium, and there is no problem there. I assume then, that it is an issue with the built in Flash plugin that comes with chrome.

Here is a picture of the colored artifacts:

enter image description here

Any help appreciated.

Best Answer

This is because of a documented, gpu compositing bug: Issue 164555: Flickering rectangles like a swarm of bees when watching youtube and vimeo videos. On affected systems, yellow snow is seen when viewing Flash videos and orange snow is seen when viewing HTML5 content.

It involves the Pepper version of Flash and certain Mesa drivers.

Running Chrome with the Pepper Flash but with the --disable-accelerated-compositing switch stops the snow from appearing but WebGL function will be lost.

The other Flash, NPAPI Flash, also used by other browsers such as Firefox, isn't affected possibly because "the NPAPI plugin doesn't use the GPU process and probably just provides software rendered frames".

There are thus two workarounds: disable the Pepper Flash and enable NPAPI Flash (if it is installed)
continue using the Pepper Flash but with the --disable-accelerated-compositing switch

Read the bug for full details.