Ubuntu – Is gnome-session-fallback viable long-term solution in 12.04


After preliminary exploration of Ubuntu 12.04 beta, I decided that Unity is simply not my cup of tea.

Installing gnome-session-fallback looks (perhaps?) like a solution, but there is some doubt in my mind whether or not this will be an "official" part of 12.04 when it is released, and whether or not using gnome fallback will be available and problem-free through the lifespan of the 12.04 release?

Best Answer

Yes - it is a directly viable solution for 12.04.

You need to be aware that both gnome-panel and indicator-applet-complete (the key packages behind gnome-fallback) are part of the Universe repository. Thus it is up to the community to maintain the integrity of these packages, not Canonical itself.

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I would surmise that since the Ubuntu developers included the following, this already shows the commitment to this solution:

  1. the backport for ubuntu indicators,
  2. fix to include Compiz as the Window Manager by default

The question of "problem-free" is crystal ball-gazing - not something any of us can foresee.

For more information on how to revert to gnome-classic:

How to revert to GNOME Classic Desktop?

There are plenty of panel-based alternatives such as Cinnamon, XFCE & LXDE for you to consider as well.