Ubuntu – Is filemanager-actions working with 19.04


I installed filemanager-actions from Ubuntu software, but cannot succeed to create a new entry in the file manager context menu :

I installed gnome-search-tool, and want to add it on a right click on a folder in nautilus.

So I create a new action in filemanager-actions, on the Action tab I enter "Search..." for the label, and in the Command tab, I enter "gnome-search-tool" in the path field, plus "--path="%d"" in the parameter field.

But nothing appears in nautilus ; after restart or reboot still nothing.

Am I missing something, or is it just not working ?
Is there a way to achieve that ? Idea is to be able to search within files for some keywords in a specific folder/subfolders.

Best Answer

The FMA is installable from universe pocket since Ubuntu 19.04 (disco dingo, now EOL) and then on supported 20.04 LTS (focal fossa) with

sudo apt-get install filemanager-actions

Then you need to run fma-config-tool (FileManager-Actions Configuration Tool) and make sure that you have checked checkboxes

Nautilus Item
[v] Display item in selection context menu
[v] Display item in location context menu fma

and have saved settings.

The documentation is available from official help which is available from fma-config-tool with F1 (or with yelp ghelp:fma-config-tool).

Then you need to install Nautilus Actions package with

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

then restart Nautilus with nautilus -q.

The corresponding menu item will be shown in the right mouse click menus:

Nautilus with fma

Note: the actions set in fma-config-tool will be shown in Caja in Nemo too. In these cases we need to install corresponding caja-actions and/or nemo-extension-fma packages.