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Currently , I am running ubuntu 15.10 on my Dell laptop (ram-4GB) . I want to install ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop as ubuntu 15.10 is no more supported. I don't want to lose my data while changing os , can I install 16.04 without losing data .

Thanx for helping in advance

Best Answer

First things first: backup, backup, backup!

Back up all of your important data to an external HDD. You could also dd the entire contents of your internal HDD to an external one if you want a complete 1:1 image of the HDD.

Warning! I take no responsibility if this fails and you lose your data because you failed to back it up!

Before you begin, run this command to find out your username:


Write the output down! (Also write down your password)

Now for reinstalling:

  1. Download the Ubuntu 16.04 ISO

  2. Burn the ISO to a DVD, or use the included Startup Disk Creator program to make a live USB drive.

  3. Boot the install media you created in step #2

  4. Choose to install Ubuntu

  5. On the "installation type" screen, choose Something Else

  6. Select Ubuntu system partition, and set its mount point as /. Be sure to keep the same format type, the same size, and untick the "Format" checkbox (else all data on "/" will be deleted!)

  7. When you are asked to create your username and password, USE THE ONES YOU WROTE DOWN EARLIER!!! (Else loose your data)

  8. After the installation finishes, follow the prompts to shutdown, and remove the installation media when it tells you to.

  9. Reboot and cross your fingers.

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