Ubuntu – Installing Ubuntu 14.04 onto external HDD


I'm having problems with installing Ubuntu 14.04 onto my Verbatim 1TB external drive.
I tried all kinds of tutorials, partitioning but nothing seems to work. I did put the bootloader on sdc (hard drive) When i boot from the hdd, it just loads grub rescue. I'm installing this from laptop HP Probook 455, could this be a problem?

  • What partitions should i put; where should ntfs partition be and what mount point?
  • I've tried repairing grub from live cd, don't know what to try else.

Best Answer

First of all try to follow the default partitioning, or if not, use the 2 partition schema: one for the system, and a swap big as your amount of ram. This is kind of foolproof.

(Just wondering: why are you installing a system on an external drive (I suppose, USB connected), which has a bandwith of 10Mb/s instead of 100-500Mb/s in case of internal HDD. This is not a good ideea!)

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