Ubuntu – Installing Popcorn time in Ubuntu running on Chromebook

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So I'm totally new at Ubuntu and just managed install it on a USB and boot on a Toshiba Chromebook 1. My first venture is to install Popcorn time on it, but since I've no experience, I'm having a hard time with it.

I downloaded the tar.gz from the Popcorn Time site, and extracted it using

tar -xf Popcorn-Time-*.tar.gz -C $$

And then

cd $$

To enter the Directory (I guess), but neither ./configure nor sudo ./installdoes much.

Help on how to install and run the thing would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

Download the Linux version from here.

For simplicity of your installation, try to download it on your Download folder. Extract it. You'll see a file named install.

enter image description here

Right click on it and go to Properties then Permission and allow executing file as a program.enter image description here

Now go to Files>Edit>Behavior and allow run executable text file when they are open.enter image description here

Now open a Terminal and drag the install file to the Terminal and hit Enter. When prompt type: I agree and hit enter again. enter image description here

Now Double Click on this popcorn-time and enjoy. If doesn't start like the install file allow it to run as executable program by going to Properties>Preference.

enter image description here