Ubuntu – Installing other fonts on wine


Is there a way to install fonts on wine?

I'm looking to install fonts so i can use them to render text differently on various apps. Specifically myriad.

Best Answer

Wine gets its fonts from four places:

  1. The standard system fonts at /usr/share/fonts. You can add fonts here by installing font packages from Software Center, if they're available. Avoid manually copying files here.
  2. Wine's private /usr/share/wine/fonts folder. You shouldn't add fonts here, but if you see a font in Wine and not in the system - it's probably here. Examples of these fonts include Wine's private marlett, symbol, and tahoma fonts, which are needed for application compatibility but otherwise aren't the best.
  3. The ~/.fonts folder in your Home directory. This is where you should manually copy self-installed fonts, either downloaded from the Internet or copied from a Windows install.
  4. The equivalent of the C:\Windows\Fonts folder within the current Wine prefix. Unless you specified the WINEPREFIX environment variable when running Wine, This will generally be located in ~/.wine/drive_c/Windows/fonts.

In the case of conflicts (eg you install the real Tahoma font into your home directory), Wine is smart enough about it and uses the manually-installed ones.

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