Ubuntu – Install Windows 7 from Ubuntu on USB Drive


I don't have cd burner, so I want to install W7 on my 2nd computer via an USB-Drive. I just copied the files from the iso but it won't boot. So I installed ms-sys and did a ms-sys -7 /dev/sdb
but it just says "Boot error".

How can I install it the right way? Tried many different tutorials by now but none worked.

Best Answer

Get your USB flash drive of 4GB or more, and an ISO-image of the Windows 7-DVD.

  1. First you'll wanna format the drive. This can be done with gParted. To format NTFS you'll also need ntfs-3g.

    sudo apt-get install gparted ntfs-3g
  2. Now open gParted and format the drive to NTFS.

  3. Download Unetbootin version 494.

  4. Open Unetbootin, select DiskImage and browse for your Windows 7 ISO-image.

  5. Check "Show all drives" and select your USB drive. If you're not sure which drive it is, open gParted again and check.

  6. Click OK

Plug the USB drive into any machine and boot from it. It will start the Windows 7-installer.

Source: this tutorial.

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