Ubuntu – Install Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 without CD/USB/WUBI from HDD on WinXP


I have downloded the Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 ISO file. When I mount it on a Virtual drive it gives me the option to install it via CD(restart and boot from disc) or use the WUBI installer. The WUBI installer warns about poor disc performance. There is a way to convert the WUBI installed Ubuntu into a dedicated partition Ubuntu installation via LVPM. The Official Guide links to a how-to for 7.04/7.10/8.10, whereas the forum says

LVPM currently does not work with
installs generated by Wubi 10.04
(patches welcome).

So the status about 10.10 is unknown. Plus even if LVPM does work, it has the problem of wiping the partition on which it is going to be installed.

Is there a way to install Ubuntu without using a USB/CD? yes -> WUBI

Is there a way to install a normal Ubuntu installation using WUBI? yes -> LVPM

But LVPM needs a clean partition.

Can I install Ubuntu into an existing logical partition without having to lose or move my files in advance to another partition with or without the WUBI method?

(My Netbook:
Primary Partition(40GB): WinXP Home(Free Space 3GB)
Logical Partition(100GB): Data(Free Space ~10GB)

I have seen some programs like Norton Ghost, Partition Magic etc. boot into a different environment to format or restore hdds from WinXP(after restarting). Can't a installer do something similar and boot into a Ubuntu installer environment?

I have been through this Is it possible to install without a CD or USB drive?

(I had asked this question on https://superuser.com/questions/215661/install-ubuntu-netbook-10-10-without-cd-usb-wubi-from-hdd-on-winxp but since this looks like a better place I am posting it here.)

Best Answer

It is not currently possible to migrate a Wubi installation to a dedicated partition.

In order to do a full installation of Ubuntu that isn't reliant on your Windows partition to operate, you will need to use a CD, USB disk, or PXE boot from another computer containing the live media.

We are working on fixing this, but it is a longer-term goal of Wubi and will likely not make the 10.10 release.

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