Ubuntu – Install tar.gz , but no configure folder on install file

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I'm trying to install RokiSim, a robot simulator on Ubuntu 14.04.

I downloaded the tar.gz and extracted it. But I didn't find any configure folder or make file to start installation. How do I install such kind of software?

There are also Windows versions of the simulator which I can run using Wine. But I want to sort this out because I have another simulator called RoboDK that is also giving me the same problem, no install file. How can I install these?

Best Answer

There's no configure file because the archive contains binaries.

The executable is in /bin/: assuming that you extracted the folder in ~/Downloads, you can directly execute the program making it executable by running

chmod +x ~/Downloads/RoKiSim/bin/RoKiSim

and executing it by running


To install it, I suggest you to move the folder to /opt/ by running

sudo mv ~/Downloads/RoKiSim/ /opt/

to make the program executable by running

chmod +x /opt/RoKiSim/bin/RoKiSim 

and to add a symbolic link to /usr/bin/ by running

sudo ln -s /opt/RoKiSim/bin/RoKiSim /usr/bin/rokisim

After that, you'll be able to run the program just by running rokisim.

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