Ubuntu – Install NVidia drivers from .run provided by geforce.com


I am currently using the Nvidia 319 drivers provided by Ubuntu repos, but I want to use the 331 driver. The problem is the Xorg Edgers ppa I used to rely on offers a broken 331 driver (installs bumblebee, blacklisting the nvidia driver).

I downloaded the driver provided by the website geforce.com for my NVidia GTX 760 as a .run file, but I don't know if the procedure I'm thinking about is correct:

  1. Command line boot
  2. sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
  3. sudo ./driver.run

Is this procedure correct?

Best Answer

First you have to switch to non graphical tty suppose tty1 ctrl+alt+F1

login with username and password

stop lightdm:

sudo stop lightdm

remove the old nvidia driver

sudo apt-get purge ^nvidia

Give execute permission to the .run file driver

sudo chmod +x driver.run

Now run the script

sudo ./driver.run

then reboot and the system should now be using the new driver