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I tried to install gnome-shell on Ubuntu 16.04 and when configuring I choose gdm as my default desktop but after I reboot I didn't see the login screen , only the black screen with Ubuntu logo and the red dots, so I have reinstall Ubuntu again.

My question How can I install gnome-shell on Ubuntu 16.04?

Best Answer

The easiest way is to install ubuntu-gnome-desktop This will give you the same system as if you were to install Ubuntu Gnome. You could also just download the Ubuntu Gnome ISO but it will be a much smaller download to just install the desktop.

Doing it this way, will pull in the needed dependencies for Ubuntu and avoid any issues.

One caveat: When you install Gnome, it will make the Unity top bar black and the icons will be different but it should work if you would need it.

I would advise that you only install Gnome if you don't want to use Unity because of the above mentioned caveat.

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