Ubuntu – Install brother dcp195c, receiving data but nothing happens, why


Can someone please help me to install brother dcp195c drivers on Ubuntu v12? Using the default driver, the printer says that it is receiving data but nothing happens.

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It's been a while since this was asked, but I just had to solve this myself (I got to this page after googling around, I'm leaving this answer for everyone who comes here with similar problems). This solution is tested and working fine on Ubuntu 12.04 with Brother DCP-195C (though I'm figuring it will work for similar cases as well).

The Brother Solution Center has linux drivers for almost every printer, and, yes, one for DCP-195C. You simply download it (.deb for ubuntu, rpm for red hat), and install (I tried installing the cupswrappper because I read about someone else who did too, but I have no idea what's better). The Ubuntu Software Center will alert you the installation is this and that. Just tell it to ignore and install anyway.


  1. go to System Settings > Printing > Add.
  2. After connecting the printer you should see it listed as a device. Choose it and click Forward
  3. It will try auto-searching for drivers, ignore the recommendation below and choose 'Provide PPD file'.
  4. If installed correctly, the relevant ppd file should be in /usr/share/cups/model/Brother. Find it and supply it.
  5. That's it! Print a test file to be sure

This worked for me! Hope it helps others as well =]

update 08/2014

Brother now provides a generic script to install its drivers. It's actually quite impressive, simply download it and follow the instructions. You can also manually download the .deb files from here

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