Ubuntu – Install a program with apt-offline


I have been researching about offline package management and followed the apt-offline tutorials as this. For all documentations say that let create a signature on offline machine like this: apt-offline set /tmp/apt-offline.sig and this will generate all information required from apt about updating its database. I have done this. But I want to do apt-get install vim, for example. How can we generate the signature to install vim? I could not find the main reason I am using apt-offline.
Any help is appreciated

Best Answer

To install the package vim you have first to create a signature for the installation on the off line machine:

sudo apt-offline set vim-offline.sig --install-packages vim

Then on the on line machine you download the packages:

apt-offline get vim-offline.sig --bundle vim-install.zip

Finally on the off line machine you install it:

sudo apt-offline install vim-install.zip

Vim and all its dependencies should have been installed properly on the off line machine.

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