Ubuntu – Indicator Applet Icons Spacing Too Large


I'm using Gnome Classic , Ubuntu 11.04. The icon spacing for the indicator applet icons is just too large. Is it me or has this happened to someone else? Has anyone found a fix?
Back in 10.10, a ppa , ppa:m0sia i think, had packages that corrected this design sore. There are no packages there for Natty atm.

Best Answer

Unfortunately, GConf doesn't have any entries for indicator applet spacing and currently m0sia's PPA - as you've noticed - is only for Maverick. You could tick yourself off at the 100 Papercuts bug as affected.

Maybe, like Rocko (Post #4), you could agree with him and suggest to use GConf entries?

Fingers crossed that they at least enable a gconf-editor setting for applet spacing in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot.

Also, if you're keen... you can try out this guide to compiling your own indicator-applet with a fix for spacing.

Be warned though, the same person who posted the how to, also noted:

For other themes, where the patch only represents an improvement for Indicator Applet and not a fix, the portion of the space/gap that is NOT eliminated, is necessary to retain good readability for Indicator Applet Application Menu.

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