Ubuntu – In KDE Plasma, how can I switch between virtual desktops using Meta + Tab


I'm using KDE Plasma 5 right now, and I noticed that the keyboard shortcut Meta + Tab is used to switch between Activities, and Alt + Tab is obviously used to switch between windows. I would like to know if there's a similar way to switch between virtual desktops, and if so, how I can set Meta + Tab to toggle it. I only have two virtual desktops, each with a bunch of specifically positioned windows in them. I'd like something more efficient than clicking on the Pager widget every time I want to quickly switch. I'm a bit new at this, so I apologize if I'm obviously doing something wrong. Thanks, community!

Best Answer

The default shortcut for changing the desktop on KDE is ctrl + F1 to F4 or F8 for the grid view.

To change this, you can go to "System Settings" >> "Workspace" >> "Shortcuts" >> "Plasma" and here you can remap "Walk through activities" to something else or disable it

Image of Plasma keyboard settings

Now you can go to the search bar, type "desktop" and choose "Kwin" from the applications list. On the right you should see a list of shortcuts related to desktop switching. if I was you with just two desktops I would choose the "Switch to next desktop" shortcut, click it, and choose add a custom shortcut, don't forget to apply.

Image of KWin keyboard settings

That is it, there are a lot of shortcuts on KDE and it looks quite daunting but is not too bad once you get it down.

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