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I sometimes find small bugs in dialogs or windows. For instance, I found a very minor bug in the sound preference dialog. I thought I'd report it, but it wasn't obvious what package provides the dialog.

Is there a simple tool to do that? I would imagine something like xwininfo; you'd run the command, the mouse pointer would change and when you click a window, the command returns the package name. With such a command, it would be easy to expand it to gather version information, distro and open the bug tracker on the right page.

We used to have Help > Report a problem, but since Gnome Control Center doesn't use menus, that option is not available. This, of course, would be true for all windows that doesn't use menus. So; is there an alternative?

Best Answer

Open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and type

ubuntu-bug -w

a message will pop up instructing you to click on a window to file a bug report about the application owning that window.

Incidentally, this uses apport, which collects a lot of useful debugging information automatically and is the preferred way to report Ubuntu bugs.

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