Ubuntu – I’d like to prevent maximize from covering one third of the screen


Using Ubuntu 10.10, gnome, and dual nvidia monitors.

Gnome panels and docky are able to "reserve" part of the screen for themselves in such a way as to prevent maximized windows from covering them up. I'd like to setup a region on my desktop in the same manner. Between conky, pidgin, pandora, and a couple of widgets, I have a group of items I want to always be able to view. "Always on Top" is not good enough,

I don't even know which part of the "stack" (X, Compix, Metacity, Gnome…) controls this behavior, and my google-fu was too weak to find the answer.


(Re-Post from Superuser.com, No answer over there in 2 days so I thought I'd give it a shot here.

Best Answer

Maximumize may be useful for that case instead of Maximize. Which is included in the CompizConfig Settings Manager and will "Maximumize windows (resize them to fit the available screenspace)"

In your case, Maximumize will fit the window's size in order to use the maximum available screen space in the active work space and this way, windows in screen containing the pidgin, conky, and other window-like applications will be dodged by the Maximumized window. I am not sure if this will act the same with docklets but you give it a try and please let us know.

Good luck!

BTW: You may need to set your own key bindings in order to make this work. I used [Alt]+M and it works fine for me.

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