Ubuntu – I get a black screen trying to boot Live CD on MacBook Pro

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I've been trying to boot into Ubuntu using both a DVD and a USB Stick. They both work on my desktop computer, but not on my MacBook Pro (8,2). I can get them to show up in the boot menu, and I get to an ASCII menu where I can try Ubuntu, go straight to installation, or check for defects (there's a 4th option I can't remember). But when I choose to try Ubuntu, it just goes to a black screen. I can hear the DVD reading for a few minutes, then it stops. If I hit enter, it starts reading from the DVD again. This makes be think it's booting, but the display drivers aren't working. What can I do?

Best Answer

It's a fairly common problem with dual card gfx card Macbooks on Linux.

It's usually caused by the fact that the computer has a discrete and integrated gfx card. And improperly uses the card that is not currently connected to the display panel.

The problem and a solution is mentioned here

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