How to Uninstall Xtreme Download Manager When ‘remove’ Fails


I downloaded xtreme download manager from its website.

The archive I downloaded was xdm-setup-x64.tar.xz

With the setup comes a readme.txt file, I followed it to install.

Now I want to uninstall the xtreme download manager but sudo apt-get remove xdman gives me:

E: Unable to locate package xdman

How can I uninstall it?

Best Answer

It seems to be installed completely in /opt/xdman, with xdman.desktop copied to /usr/share/applications/and creating a symbolic link /usr/bin/xdman. So, to completely remove/uninstall, you should remove the link, the desktop file and the installation directory:

sudo rm /usr/bin/xdman
sudo rm /usr/share/applications/xdman.desktop
sudo rm -r /opt/xdman

This should do it.

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